Ashley McBryde has never been one for apologies or sugar-coating tough subject. In her single "One Night Standards," she sings about the rituals of a one-night stand from the woman's perspective. Lyrics such as "Can't you just use me like I'm using you?" pull back the curtain on a harsh, but common, truth. While country music is famous for love -- and hearbreak -- ballads, this song tells it like it is about the encounters that fall in between those two extremes. 

At the 2019 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony, during which McBryde was awarded Breakout Artist of the Year, she told The Boot the story behind "One Night Standards" on the red carpet. Read on to find out more. 

Every night when we play it live, I watch the crowd, because there’s going to be a few nods that go from left to right, and there’s gonna be a few tongue clicks: "She shouldn’t be singing about this." But then there are the other nods, where they kind of look at each other and then kind of nod up and down, which is of course the preferred response, but both are genuine and valid.

It’s not all that common for a chick to be singing about one-night stands, and some people feel that we shouldn’t be doing that, but Loretta [Lynn] did it, Tammy [Wynette] did it. It happens all the time, so why not tackle it?

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