Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for making it to the World Series after 29 years (not as long as the Cubs...just sayin').

Since this is a huge Cardinal area, and the fact that the Cardinals still have a chance to make it to the Series, I still wonder: how many people will jump on the Royals bandwagon, just because they are winners this year?

I actually feel for the real Royals fans (Brian Myles included). If you are a Royals fan, how many times do you hear Cardinal fans give you grief? Being a Bears fan, I can understand some of that. Remember: anyone can be a fan of a winning team, but it takes a REAL fan to stick with your team, even if there are more downs than ups.

Coming from the north side of Chicago, I feel for the Cubs fans as well. While visiting recently I saw a "dynasty banner" for the Cubs:

It made me laugh, but it also made me think. Yes - one day the Cubs will make it to the World Series too. But will I still be around when that happens?