What a year, no one thought at the beginning of the school year that it would end like this. However, you all prevailed in the time when your students and parents needed you the most, and from this parent Thank You.

Two small words, but the meaning behind it means so much in 2020. The work, thought, and creativeness that was put in to keep all the students engaged, feeling special with weekly phone calls and zoom meetings, and coming up (at last minute) the new way of learning I will forever be grateful.

As a parent of two elementary students, and being a full time working mom, I never thought I could be a teacher, and a mother, and a co-worker all at once, but you made that all possible by giving my girls and all students the tools they needed to stay on track and keep on going. My girls even had fun learning and playing math games and we even tried science one day (I want quit my day job). We enjoyed all of the PE videos, and even tried yoga, that was a fun day at “gym class.”

I do have to apologize though, my girls tried to teach me the new way of doing math, but nope, I didn't get it and I may have shown them my way. So when they go back to school, don’t blame them it’s all my fault. 

It has been a year to remember, and a year that will never be forgotten, but all of the educators deserve an air high five, because you all truly shined for your students to stay strong and keep learning in one of the most unique situation, we've all been through.

So, I just want to take this moment to say thank you. Thank you for the zoom meetings to put smiles on your students faces. Thank you for the phone calls and emails to make sure your students were doing ok, and reaching out with help if they need it. Thank you to all of the school administrators for proving meals, computers, and internet for those who needed it. But most of all thank you for being teachers and showing your students how to lead, be strong, and laugh even when that may be hard to come by these days.

I wish we ended the school year like we wanted too, and say goodbye to your students the way you have each and every year, but thank goodness for technology we will just have to say goodbye looking at a computer screen this year.

I wish all of you the very best summer, try to relax and have fun you all deserve it. Here's hoping we see all of your smiling faces in the fall.

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