If you were in Quincy at this time last year, what were you doing when "The Storm" came through? Here's my story.

My niece was staying with my wife and I during that week and I remember the three of us gathered around the front window (don’t do that) watching the rain fly and trees fall into the street one at a time, each one bigger than the previous. The storm seemed to only last a few minutes, after which we joined our neighbors in the street as we tried our collective hands at amateur lumberjacking in a desperate effort to clear debris. Our progress was minimal, though effective.

With at least a somewhat clear path down the my street, the three of us disobeyed Mayor Kyle Moore’s request to stay indoors (don’t do that either) and we headed to a chaotic Hy-Vee to pick up…whatever they had left. Ended up being a loaf of bread, peanut butter, some batteries, two cheap flashlights, and the maximum allotted two bags of ice.

At the time, I was still working in the communications department at Quincy University and with communications at a standstill, you can imagine it made the job a bit harder. Like most of the town, Quincy University would be closed for several days.

Communication in general during this stretch proved to be quite the challenge and despite a virtually non-existent cell signal, I managed to send a text to my mom...

...and single Facebook update.

Ben Braun

So the three of us closed out the night by adding some fresh batteries to the radio and kicking off a marathon of UNO by lantern light. I usually lost.

Ben Braun

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So what were YOU doing during "The Storm"?