I have been extra large my whole life. My parents used to have to carry my birth certificate to my pee wee football games to prove to the refs I was in 6th grade even though I was six foot two. Obviously life is hard being big but there are a number of things that you hear every day that can drive you to drink. I am putting this out there so if you meet me, you wont have to ask me these questions.

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    How Tall Are You?

    I'm 6'5" for your information. My favorite is when people ask me and I tell them, they'll say "no, I thought you were like 6'8". Do you think tall people would lie about this?

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    Did You Play Basketball?

    They answer is no, I never played basketball. I wish I could have been really good at basketball but alas I wasn't. You gotta remember, Steph Curry looks small on an NBA court but he is still 6'3". Basketball players are next level tall.

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    How Do You Fly?

    Simple answer? I live in the exit row. As a big person, traveling by car, plane, or train all will be uncomfortable. So I am always spending more money on exit row...or first class depending on how long the flight is.

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    Where Do You Shop?

    Since 6th grade I have been shopping in the big and tall section of stores. Mainly at JCPenney but in the past three years I have been very loyal to Destination XL. So I know everyone wants Target to come to Quincy, but I'm hoping they get a DXL. As for shoes, it's New Balance or nothing.

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    Do Your Knees Hurt?

    Yes. Yes they do. Now and always.