If you like to look at the stars, there are 5 go-to places in northeast Missouri that have just been named as some of the best stargazing locations in the Midwest.

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The International Dark Sky Organization specializes in helping individuals that want to see the stars find a good place to do it. The key to good stargazing is getting away from cities or areas where there is a lot of artificial light from buildings and/or traffic. The Missouri wing of Dark Sky has a very handy map showing 5 locations in our part of the state where there is less light pollution.

The 5 locations in northeast Missouri are as follows:

1. Wakonda State Park

2. Long Branch State Park

3. Iliniwek Village State Historic Site

4. Battle of Athens State Historic Site

5. Mark Twain State Park

I can testify to Wakonda State Park and Mark Twain State Park being good stargazing places. The general rule is the further you can get away from cities, the better your experience will be.

Missouri Dark Sky Organization has a very simple mission as stated on their website:

IDA Missouri works to preserve and protect the nighttime
environment and our heritage of dark skies through
environmentally responsible outdoor lights.

If you consider yourself an aspiring stargazer and/or photographer, make sure to check out their official site to find even more places to do it.

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