Full disclosure: I haven't spent my own money on baseball tickets in since around 1985. I always felt the games were too expensive, plus I need to save my money for the warm $8 beers.

Years ago it was nothing to play hooky and take in an afternoon ball game. You could get a more expensive grandstand, or even box seats if you wanted to shell out the cash. Otherwise, a few bucks would get you a bleacher seat so you could watch the game on the cheap.

While doing research for another article, I looked at the price of bleacher seats at Wrigley Field - $69.00! I couldn't believe it. These are supposed to be the "cheap seats". You can get upper deck reserved seats for as little as $31.

I do understand that the bleachers are just a part of a huge renovation project for Wrigley Field. According to the Chicago Cubs Web site, the bleachers are "...expanded and enhanced with new seating, terraces and concessions, all while maintaining the charm that has made the location a prime destination for generations of Cubs fans."

Sorry, but even $31 is too much for me to spend on a baseball game. Maybe the Cubs can take a cue from the New York Yankees. According to the Yankees Web site, "For select games during the 2015 season, fans can purchase tickets in select areas of the Terrace Level, Grandstand Level or Bleachers for $5, when using their MasterCard."

I've got my five bucks ready. Will there be a Yankees / Cubs series, and can I catch a ride with you, Big Dog? I'll even pay for your ticket!