Such riches and such waste. A new video share shows a $3.5 million dollar mansion that now stands vacant with gold furnishings everywhere after the owner died and the son it was left to reportedly went to prison.

This is a twisted tale about a family and a mansion at an undisclosed location where some grandeur remains along with the remnants of vandals. Here's how the video creator described what they found:

Built in the early 1990s and lived in by a Political Family. The husband and wife didn't get along and after plans for a divorce the husband mysteriously dies. It's been tied up in litigations and bankruptcy, along with liens on the property. Everything is left behind and the architecture is engraved with gold foliage everywhere!

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One of the comments on the YouTube share claim this home was previously owned by someone who was running for county mayor with divorce breaking up the family and banks eventually intervening reportedly after it was maybe left to a son and then he went to prison? There are no 100% documented facts presented and from what I know, I don't really want to know any other sordid details.

The bones of this mansion are...amazing.

Steve Ronin via YouTube
Steve Ronin via YouTube

The fact they find thousands of dollars of checks just lying around in the corners of rooms is staggering. Did someone have to get out of this home quickly or what? It's all a mystery. That and the fact that a once-luxurious mansion like this now stands empty in decay.

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