Have you heard about the rich people that are recreating the fateful trip of the HMS Titanic?  At $4500 to $9000 per person, yes, this not a trip for us regular working folks.  Money issues aside, would you want to go on a trip where the last people before you that tried it perished?  And, would you really want to recreate tragedy?

I cast no stones at the people that are taking this trip, because I recreate tragedy every morning between 6a and 10a on the radio.  My "tragedy" is called a radio show...but that's a topic for another blog perhaps.

I don't think I'd want to relive the tragedy that was our Macker basketball team a few years ago...or our station's entry in the Cardboard Boat Regatta back in the 90's.  That "boat" had a lot in common with the Titanic and there were no icebergs in Moorman Park.

To me, this Titanic adventure is like asking the family of Buddy Holly if they'd like to take a sight-seeing flight over Clear Lake, Iowa.  Considering the fact that many on this cruise are family of people that perished on the Titanic, perhaps they're just seeking closure.  I don't know...personally, if my family had perished at sea I think I'd be looking for a nice dry-land location to remember them.  What would you do?