I began my morning show today stating an opinion and asking a simple question.  I hate the movie, Titanic and I wanted to know your opinion on whether you're one that loves or loathes it.  The response was staggering.  Seventy-two comments at last count, it seems that no one is on the fence about their stance on the movie Titanic.  It seems to be radical one side or the other.

This issue came up since the 3D version of Titanic debuts in the area tonight.  Our own afternoon guy, Dave Lee will be broadcasting live from Main Street Cinema 8 in Hannibal tonight at their Titanic 3D premiere.  I'm happy for the Titanic lovers that their movie is now in 3D.  Seeing Leonardo DiCaprio perish on the frozen door in 3D is something even I (the Titanic loather) could enjoy.  And, I just want you to know it's OK if you love Titanic.  I won't hold it against you.  You're in good company.  My wife loves the movie, too.  Fortunately, she loves me more (I think) than the movie and won't watch it in my presence.

I don't know if this will ease any of the 72 other commenters, but I do like Kate Winslet a lot.  (No, I'm not talking about the scene where she asks Leonardo to draw her el natural).  I like Kate Winslet because she refuses to adhere to Hollywood's policy of only having actresses that wear size 4 or smaller dresses.

I'm happy for you if you love Titanic.  Listener Sandy Brooks even commented on the Morning Posse Facebook page that she not only loves Titanic, but also was able to touch some of the Titanic artifacts:

We got to see items removed from the ocean. Got to touch a piece of the Titanic which was chilling. Gave me goose bumps. Even got to see and touch a man-made iceburg.

That's nifty, Sandy.  My only request is that people don't hate me for cheering for Billy Zane's character to hook up with Kate Winslet the next time I have to sit through this movie.  There are plenty of other reasons to hate me, just cut me some slack on the movie Titanic.  It's OK if you love it...and please be OK with me if I don't.  :)