My wife and I are die hard Chicago Bears fans. There is nothing that will change that.

Bear Down, Chicago Bears...

But this weekend I will be cheering for a Minnesota victory over the Green Bay Packers.

Last week the Packers lost (to the Vikings) causing the Bears to miss the playoffs, and the subsequent firing of Lovie Smith. My wife and I are in mourning.

In the true spirit of the Super Fans, I am predicting a final score of Minnesota 45 Green Bay 2. I hope the Vikings will go on to represent the Black and Blue Division (NFC North) all the way to Super Bowl XLVII (come on - do we really want the Seahawks there?).

To all of my friends who are Packer fans - I still love you, but I hope that on Sunday Aaron Rodgers has enough free time to film plenty of "discount double check" commercials.

Andy King, Getty Images


If you come over to watch the game, I have enough beer and burgers...just bring snacks (no Cheetos or any "cheese" related items).