The City of Hannibal will be helping residents clean up from Monday night's devastating storm by providing curb-side cleanup for tree debris, but residents are asked not block streets and sidewalks with this material.

City Manager Jeff LaGarce says that initially the city is clearing tons of debris off the streets and pushing it to the sides. After that has been completed and roadways are cleared, the city will then come through and pick up the debris. Residents will be able to leave the debris from their properties curbside to be picked up as part of the removal the city will already be doing. LaGarce asks for patience, as this process could take several days, if not weeks, to complete.

Another option for residents is to take debris downtown to the Main Street Flood Buyout Area. This area is on the south end of Main Street, between Jefferson and Washington. Several truckloads of tree limbs have already been dropped off in the flood buyout area.

Please be extremely cautious when removing debris, as downed power lines may still be live. The city is asking residents to not call 911 unless there is a valid emergency. 911 is not the proper place to report downed trees and power lines.