This is purely fantasy stuff. If you could temporarily "morph"  yourself into a Country entertainer for a day, who would it be?

There are a lot of choices out there; from great vocalists to guitar shredders and everything in between.

My choice? Gary Allan. My opinion is that there isn't a cooler entertainer out there.  From the tats to the unique sound, to being a surfer, Gary seems to have the corner on the "cool market."

Kurt Parsons, our midday guy, votes for Keith Urban, more because of his wife, Nicole Kidman. Personally, I think that Kurt secretly would like to have "Keith Urban hair." (I'd settle for any hair, since I have the Kenny Chesney without hat look.)

Our morning radio gunslinger, Doc Holliday, picks Joe Don Rooney. Not certain why, but he did mention something about Joe Don's guitar skills, and his wife, Tiffany Fallon, because of her humanitarian efforts. She was after all, playing for charity on "Celebrity Apprentice." I totally agree.

Tell us.  If only for one day, what Country entertainer YOU would want to be......???