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Check Out All These Great Area Concerts This Summer
We're certainly not at a loss for great country acts performing throughout the area this summer. Take a flip through the photo gallery to find out when and where your favorite country acts are performing this summer!
For more information about each show:
Burlington Steamboat Days
National Tom Sawyer Da…
KICK-FM Pick the Hit: Gary Allan vs. Steven Tyler
For the last three weeks Gary Allan has left no doubt about his "Pick the Hit" prowess, easily outdistancing all the competition. Over the last weeks voting Gary's new single "Hangover Tonight" received 90% of the vote in beating Dan and Shay's latest, "Nothin Like You."…
KICK-FM Pick the Hit: Gary Allan vs. Dan + Shay
You could say Gary Allan rocked Brett Eldredge's world last week, as Gary's new single "Hangover Tonight" pulled in a whopping 98% of the vote in our "Pick the Hit." So Gary moves on... obviously, as a two week champion, and will now take on Dan + Shay.
KICK-FM Pick the Hit: Gary Allan vs. Brett Eldredge
Just as Toby Keith was on the verge of becoming a four week "Pick the Hit" champion, Gary Allan fans made their voices loud and clear and propelled Gary's new single "Hangover Tonight" past Toby for the week. Brett Eldredge now moves into the challengers spot…
KICK-FM Pick the Hit: Toby Keith vs Gary Allan
Toby Keith continues to dominate in KICK-FM's Pick the Hit. He's won three weeks in a row with his new single, '35 MPH Town.' Toby will face some stiff competition, this week, as KICK-FM fan-favorite Gary Allan steps into the challenger's role with his new song, "Ha…

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