Let's face it. We make heroes out of really stupid people sometimes. Cast of Jersey Shore, I'm looking at you. Don't even get me started on the Kardashians. I saw something earlier this week that reminded me of the people we should be celebrating. I'm talking about our teachers.

My mother told me about the passing of Hattie Middleton. If you're not familiar with Mrs. Middleton, she was a wonderful teacher in the Hannibal Public School system many moons ago.  Sadly, this was not a front page story.  Just another obituary among the many in the local newspaper.

I've gotta tell you that Hattie Middleton was one of the heroes in my life.  One of many great teachers that helped me become who I am.  (The good parts...what few there are)  There were others.  My journalism teacher, Mrs. Bringer.  Mass Media instructor, Faye Bleigh.  Coaches Steve Hill (8th grade football) and Ed Schoenfelt (9th grade/JV football).  7th Grade teacher Mrs. Leight.  There were many others who were such a positive influence in my life, I could never repay them.

In my opinion, we should celebrate these teachers now.  Provide better support (and pay) for our current teachers.  The people we hold up as celebrities will more than likely not make you a better person.  Let's pay tribute to the ones who do...our teachers, past, present and future.