The box reads "The sweetest comeback in the history of ever," and in some ways it is. Twinkies recently returned to store shelves after a long hiatus. I really didn't notice much hype about it (and, yes - I did write a blog about it), but according to representatives at local grocery stores, they did sell incredibly well.

Since Twinkies have returned, I imagined that it would only be a matter of time before my absolute favorite Hostess snack cake, The Ho Ho, would return.

Every week I would return to the store searching for the spiral shaped treat. First Twinkies, then Ding Dongs. Still no Ho Hos. Even powdered donuts in a bag made their appearance before the Ho Ho.

Finally - I see them.

Mmmmmmm. Now the anticipation grows - will they be as yummy as I remember?

I returned home, ripped open the box, and dove in. They do seem slightly different than I recall. The cake seemed a little drier. Also I believe the amount of cream filling has changed.

In my opinion, Ho Hos had the perfect balance. A sweet cream filling that tasted better than Little Debbie's Swiss Rolls, and a higher ratio of cream to cake than Hostess' Ding Dongs.

The actual size of the cake seems unchanged (1oz), but still, something seems slightly off. Next time you go to your local grocer, grab a box and try some. Let me know below if you feel the same.