Yes...the Twinkie has returned!

Never made it out of the parking lot...

I went shopping this weekend and saw the display, so I had to get a box. As I grabbed the first cream filled sponge cake, I noticed that they are smaller. Much smaller. Was the whole "shut down the company for a few months and sell it to a beer company" just a ploy to introduce a smaller Twinkie? Did they think that we wouldn't notice?

Regardless of their size, they still taste as good as I remember. I used to keep some in my desk drawer at work, in case I needed a quick snack. Starting today, the desk drawer will be stocked. If you would like one, stop by. I'll share.

Other snack cakes have returned as well. I need to find a box of Ho-Hos and relive some memories with those as well. Which one was your favorite? Are you glad that these icons of American snacking have returned to the store shelves after a short hiatus? Share your comments below.