Another week, another round of some real geniuses being acknowledged for their incredible stupidity. Here are some of the "best" for this week.

1. We always hear law enforcement and such telling us about the dangers of distracted driving. The idea was apparently lost on a Syracuse, New York police officer who was too busy looking at his computer screen while driving and crashed into... wait for it... another police officer. No tickets have been issued. Now why is that, I wonder?

2. What's wrong with kids today? I realize marijuana is legal now in a few states, but not in California, where two teens were cited for smoking it... right outside a police station.

3. Hunger can obviously hinder your ability to think. A point made obvious when three men stole food from a Florida restaurant... while naked.

4. It seems to some people, a good way to get out of punishment for breaking the law, is to break the law again. A Florida man (seriously Florida... what is wrong with you?) called 911 to report a murder, in a attempt to get out of paying a parking ticket. I'm not sure exactly how that works either.

5. Finally there's the loony tune in Minnesota who's teenage neighbor asked him to stop riding his lawnmower around in her yard. He responded with the typical loony tune response... shooting her multiple times. Luckily she was able to get to a phone and call 911.

Be careful out there this week folks. There's a lot of stupid running around.