New K-Mart Commercial Turns Heads
Have you seen it? K-mart made their biggest splash since the blue light special last week with a new ad making it's way around the internet. I've yet to find a person who hasn't laughed and thought it was great although I'm sure it has it's detractors.
Strange DJ Tricks: How We Make A Commercial
Sometimes people have the wrong idea about what we the KICK-FM disc jockeys do.  They think the limousine picks us up at home thirty minutes before our show starts then drops us off at the station.  Then, when the show is over, the limo takes us home to our 300 square foot pool where our servants br…
Why should you care what we have to say?
It amazes me how much people care about what products celebrities use or endorse.  Here's an example:  Nike and Reebok recently got into a big legal fight after Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets.  Why?  Rights to selling Tim Tebow jerseys.  And why do Nike and R…