Just as Toby Keith was on the verge of becoming a four week "Pick the Hit" champion, Gary Allan fans made their voices loud and clear and propelled Gary's new single "Hangover Tonight" past Toby for the week. Brett Eldredge now moves into the challengers spot against Gary.

Toby Keith's new single "35 MPH Town" wasn't just a three week champion, with a fourth and final week to be retired as an over all champion coming up, his new song was well on it's way to that title with only a couple days of voting left to go. Toby had a healthy lead on Gary Allan through the first 5 days of voting, but then the weekend came and everything changed. Gary's dedicated fans come out and pushed Gary to a 57% win and crowned him the new "Pick the Hit" champion.

So Gary is the new champ and "Hangover Tonight" will get at least another week of competition. This weeks challenger, Brett Eldredge, is one of the hottest newcomers to the genre over the last two years, rattling off a few number one hits in a row, including "Beat of The Music," which topped the country charts as the biggest hit of 2014. Brett's newest single is called "Lose My Mind."So let's see who can pull down a win this week.

Listen to both songs and vote for your favorite below. We'll announce the winner on Tuesday, May 26.