Sometimes a pairing of artists happens and you just know a huge hit is in store, and 'This Is How We Roll' by Florida Georgia Line & Luke Bryan is just one of those occasions.

You'd be hard pressed to find two hotter acts in country music today. Florida Georgia Line made their debut by smashing the record for consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard charts when 'Cruise' sat there for a staggering 22 weeks. Having arguably the biggest hit in country music history is a pretty good start to a career.  How could you even attempt to follow that up? With a continuing string of #1 songs, selling millions and millions of albums and packing concert venues, of course.

You may have noticed, Luke Bryan is no slouch himself. It's a race between him and Blake Shelton as to who is the hotter male vocalist right now, but I'd give the slight edge to Luke, and that's without even having a hit tv series on his resume. He's the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year and everything he touches turns to gold... err... platinum.

These two unstoppable forces have now joined together for a new song called 'This Is How We Roll.' Can you say hit potential? The interesting thing about it will be seeing how the country audience accepts the continuing trend of giving country songs a hip-hop feel... something both of the acts have brought out before.

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