Luke Bryan's hit train just keeps a 'rollin. The superstar's new single 'Play It Again' is our KICK-FM Pick Hit of the Week.

The reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year has the Midas touch. Actually King Midas wasn't as hot because everything he touched only turned to gold. Everything Luke Bryan touches turns to platinum. My apologies for short-changing Luke there for a minute.

His sixth spring break themed EP is selling millions of digital downloads again, he played for well over 100,000 fans in two shows with it and even debuted it on 'Ellen.' With the release of 'Play It Again,' Luke even has TWO songs currently on the top 40 country charts. The other is 'This Is How We Roll' along with Florida Georgia Line. Depending on what chart you look at, you might find 'Drink A Beer' still hanging around the top 40 as well.

Giving this live performance video of 'Play It Again' a listen then vote on it below.