I was sampling a "trial" flavor of Lays Potato Chips - Cheezy Garlic Bread, earlier this week. They have a very strong garlic flavor.

Good, but strong!

It got me thinking about kissing. As strong as they are, I don't think I will attempt to kiss my wife anytime after eating these.

If I know that I will be kissing my wife, I need to stay away from Cool Ranch Doritos. They are yummy, but my wife tells me that it makes kissing a non pleasurable experience. (OK, she was not so eloquent. I think the word "rank" was uttered sometime in that conversation).

When you are with someone that you know you will be kissing, do you refrain from eating foods like this? Or do you share the same foods, in the hopes that the scents will cancel out each other? Please share your experiences below.

XXXXX (non-cool ranch kisses)