I know the normal fan of a normal baseball team that just lost a game seven and a chance at the World Series would be bitter. Well, I'm not a normal baseball fan and my team is not a normal baseball team. I'm a Cardinal fan and along with the rest of St. Louis Cardinal Nation happen to be among the best fans in baseball. That being said, I have ten things that have come up that will prohibit me from watching one second of the World Series...between two teams who aren't the Cardinals. Here's my list.

  • 5.  Finally finishing my photo blog on motel lice.
  • 4.  Sneaking out and putting my bosses' name on the bad check sign on McMasters and having a good laugh.
  • 3.  Doing an in-depth investigation to see if Taco Bell is REALLY using Doritos in their shells.
  • 2.  Coming up with obscene limericks using San Francisco Giant pitcher names. (You should hear the one I have for "Zito")
  • 1.  (Drum roll)....Putting my super hero costume back on and fighting crime as "The Opie Avenger".