According to the Pinterest website, it's an online pinboard. I'll let you soak that in for a second. Now, if you understand what that means, please explain it to me. This could be my guy DNA talking, but I don't understand why Pinterest is all the rage. On Facebook, I constantly see people "pinning" things on their Pinterest page. The only "pinning" I've ever done was to a frog's legs in biology class and in high school wrestling. Note: it didn't work out very good for the frog or the person I was wrestling.

Do you Pinterest?  If so, what type of stuff do you "pin"? 

For me to understand something, it must be in cartoon form.  That's why I appreciate what this guy did...

Should we (KICK-FM) be on Pinterest?  If so, what would you like us to "pin"?  We would love to know what you think.