The Zac Brown Band has become my new favorite country band. Not becasue of songs like 'Goodbye In Her Eyes' is because of food.

So you ask - Michael, how do these two things tie together? Funny you should ask. I saw a story on CBS's Sunday Morning about the Zac Brown Band. The story focused on the way he treats his audience, or as they are called, the "Zamily." You may have heard of his famous "eat and greets", where certain ticket holders are treated to a gourmet meal before the concert, created by staff chef Rusty Hamlin. The Zac Brown Band actually travells with Cookie - a 54' kitchen trailer.

Not only do I love to eat, but I love to cook, as well. Seeing artists combine the love of their craft with their love of food makes me smile (and hungry). With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I'll be heading into the kitchen to create feasts for the many relatives that will stay with us. Keep an eye on my blogs over the next few weeks, for I will be sharing some of these recipes.

Have you attended a Zac Brown Band Eat & Greet? How was the meal? What was the best thing on your plate?

Rick Diamond, Getty Images