Age creeps up. You really don't even notice and then all of the sudden you're saying and doing things "old people do."

Theo Heimann, Getty Images

Now I'm not "old." I'm 44. I have no problem with my age even though I do sometimes make jokes about it... as do others who are younger than me. That comes with the territory, however I'll admit a few times those people were close to getting punched... and I'm not a violent person.

My hair has been slowly graying for a long time. No big deal... that happens to a lot of people even at a young age. I really like naps. That has nothing to do with aging though, I've always liked naps. My mother tells me that when I was a toddler I'd go to my crib and bang on it until she put me in it so I could take a nap. Now THAT's a good kid. :)

But something happened recently that shocked me a little. Words came out of my mouth and I couldn't take them back and then it was too late. I saw a young man who is now a grown man and has a professional career. I've known this young man since he was very little. He's now about 6 inches taller than me. He was in the radio station and we were making small talk and I actually said this... "I remember you from church when you were just about this high" (I held my hand up to about my thigh level). I paused for a moment and heard those words escape and knew it was too late. I quickly tried to cover my tracks by adding "said the old guy." He chuckled. You know... not because it was funny but because he'd just been served and "old guy" line. I wasn't proud. I doubt he was impressed. I walked away a bit awkwardly.

You know you're getting old when you say "I knew you when you were only this big" and you aren't trying to make a joke.

So it's pretty much over for me I guess.