The brutally cold weather we've been experiencing this winter has put one question on a lot of people's minds... when is the first day of spring?!

I don't remember a year when so many schools have cancelled classes for a day based solely on cold temperatures and terrible wind chills. Here in the tri-state area we've hit as much as -40 with wind chills and have often hovered around the -15 to -25 mark. It's enough to make you want to stay home, and many schools have let their students do just that.

The good news is, as far away as it may seem, spring is actually coming. The vernal equinox, bringing springtime with it, arrives at 10:57pm central daylight time on March 20. Obviously then our first full day of spring is March 21.

Increased daylight, warmer temperatures, flowers growing and grass turning back to green... it will all be a welcome thing in 2014, maybe even moreso than usual.

Here's to spring!