Yahoo News reported earlier this week that the mysterious min-shuttle X-37B landed safely in California after a year in space.  Funny thing is no one knows exactly what the mission of the X-37B was and the Air Force isn't telling.  Quoting the Yahoo News story:

The Air Force's X-37B, is an unmanned reusable spacecraft built by Boeing that has spent more than a year on a classified mission in space.

I'm not the kind of person that believes that the government/military needs to tell us everything they're doing.  But, I've seen enough disaster movies to know that people going up in space without the public knowing why usually doesn't end well for humanity.  Excuse me while I cue up the trailer for the movie "Deep Impact"...

Now, the X-37B may have been studying the effect of gravity on acorns in space for all I know. I'm just curious what conspiracy theory (if any) that you have embraced.  I tend to gravitate toward "we're about to get hit by a space rock" type of stuff.  What say you?