We collect some weird things over time. Often we don't even remember where we got them or why we've kept them.

I've had an empty ferret cage for 2 years. I know why I got it... I had a ferret. 'Coop' went to little weasel heaven about two years ago though and I still have the cage, all his toys and a half a bag of left over ferret food. I don't plan on getting another ferret any time soon so why haven't I gotten rid of it?

Here at the radio station we have a few weird things but the weirdest has to be this...

'Sneaky Snake' sits atop an equipment rack in the Y-101 studio and provides a constant lookout from his bottle of snake juice. No one seems to know exactly where he came from but he's been keeping an eye on things for a long time. I know I feel better knowing he's got my back... and that's he's dead and sealed in a small bottle.

What's the weirdest thing you have in your home or office?