Today in Country Music, it's been a day of division. People weighing in on Taylor Swift's two-day old single from her upcoming album. Some folks enjoying her new song, and others, not so much.

I'm planning on taking a few days off, to enjoy some down time. The controversy about Taylor's new song,  helped me today, to put things back in perspective, about what's really important.

Certainly, we take our music and our listeners very seriously, but there are numerous issues, that I could not possibly begin to fit into this blog, that are far and away paramount.

When I write a story about local food pantries having trouble keeping shelves stocked, because more and more folks are coming in for help, I'm reminded how insignificant arguments about music become. Quincy University students are trying to help with this issue,

I think about the families that are struggling with health issues, especially those families with children battling life-threatening diseases, and yet somehow teach all of us humility, like Ethan Weiman did, and how His rodeo lives on, to help other children in need. Details coming on Thursday.

I remember our Veterans and Doc's great idea about parking spaces for Wounded Warriors. These are folks that answered the call, and ask for hardly anything in return for our continued safety.

Taylor Swift's new song good or bad?....We'll play it and let you decide for yourself. In the meantime, I'll be thinking about other issues. Have a great rest-of-the-week.