Have you heard of Mike Jordan? Probably not.

How about Mike Jackson? Mike J. Fox? Mike Douglas? (No, not the talk show host, the actor)

David Cannon/Frazer Harrison/Jason Kempin/Florian Seefried, Getty Images

The people you are familiar with are actually:

Why do I bring this up? I always introduce myself as Michael Rose, yet at least once a week, someone will immediately say ‘good to meet you, Mike’. I then have to respond ‘its Michael…Mike is my dad’.

Working in sales, I have learned about the importance of listening. The first thing you hear from a client is their name. When ‘Robert’ and ‘Kenneth’ introduced themselves to me as ‘Robert’ and ‘Kenneth’, I would never dream of calling them ‘Rob’ or ‘Ken’. I have heard people call them ‘Bobby’ and ‘Kenny’. Unless they gave me permission to call them by shortened or nicknames, I will continue to call them ‘Robert’ and ‘Kenneth’.

I have held jobs where I was called names other than my own. I was called ‘Rosa’ during my two years at Kentucky Fried Chicken. This makes sense, since that is part of my last name. But the time I spent working at Forest City Auto Parts, I went by ‘Jethro’. To this day, I have no idea why I was named that.

My name is not Mike. It is Michael.

Have you been in situations where you had to go by a name that was not your own?

Does it matter to you when people insist on shortening your name?

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Thank you.