If you ever watched the TV show 'WKRP in Cincinnati,' then you know all you need to know about radio salespeople. The stereotypical Herb Tarlek type of salesperson that wears a big white belt and would sell absolutely anything no matter how awful it sounds on the radio. Cathy Smith has been a sales person here at KICK-FM...well, pretty much forever. But, she's is no Herb Tarlek. (And I mean that as a compliment) Today is Cathy's last day here at KICK and we can only say one thing to her..."Well done".

We are fortunate to have some tremendously talented salespeople on our staff.  Cathy Smith has been one of the anchors (it is OK to refer to a lady as an anchor and not make her mad, right?) at KICK-FM for the past couple decades.  (another great idea...refer to a lady's time at a place in "decades")

You don't see what a lot of what our sales people do here, but they are the key people that make sure that people like me aren't living on the street holding cardboard signs.  (a job I am truly qualified for, by the way)  Sales people in radio generally are known to sell anything and everything.  Cathy is not one of those type of salespeople.  Cathy is one of those people who truly cares about the welfare of her clients and the businesses she helps with marketing.

Cathy also has one of those rare qualities that makes her impossible not to like.  I have never met anyone who had a bad thing to say about Cathy Smith.  She is just so dog gone likeable, it's practically not fair to all of those people like me who are unlikeable.  I've rarely seen Cathy angry, but when she was she was still ten times nicer than me on my best day.

I'm not sure what Cathy plans to do now that she won't have to put up with our radio goons anymore.  Or explain to her clients why the morning guy on KICK is putting lights on sheep and filming them.  (sorry about that, Cathy)  But, we can say one thing to you, Cathy.  "Well done".  Oh...and "thank you".  We love you and wish you the best with your family.  You are truly one of a kind.