I am curious how you would handle this situation: You get up in the morning, shower, shave, brush your teeth, then open your dresser drawer only to find out...you have no clean underwear. In the words of Karl Malden: What will you do, what will you do?

I mention this because this very same scenario happened to me this morning.

So lets look at the options. You can reach into the hamper and get yesterday's pair, and pray the you didn't perform much physical activity. You can look in the boxes in the back of the closet and hope you can find the pair of "novelty" underwear you received on Valentines Day several years ago. Or you can go Commando.


Which way would you go? Comment below if this has happened to you, and how you handled the situation.

By the way...my wife woke up during my quest and informed me that there was clean laundry sitting in the dryer. Thanks to her, if I get in an accident, I won't have to worry because I have on clean underwear.