For 29 years now the Quincy Firefighters Local 63 have been putting on their annual country show to raise money for local charities. It's long been a Quincy tradition for more than one reason. Countless people have been helped through their efforts... which is what makes it really special.

Aside from that, it's been an annual event for country music fans to look forward to, mark on their calendar, gather with friends and enjoy some great music.

This year's show marks a major change in a couple areas for all involved. First off the venue is very different. Rather than indoors at Quincy Junior High's Morrison Theatre in the spring, the show will now be an outdoor event at the Adams County Fairgrounds on Saturday, June 22. This will open it up to other new things, including more food and beverages at an arms length, a greater audience reach and, of course, built-in activities just steps away.

All of those things and more went into the decision to make a major move for this year. Some will undoubtedly prefer things the old way, which is fair, but in today's world and today's economy it's more important than ever to maximize your visibility and search out new ways to do old things. I applaud the firefighters for making a bold move and being ready for whatever opinions they may hear on it.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Over the years the show has featured a wide variety of country stars... some veterans... some newcomers to the biz. This year features a veteran with a whole stable of major hits under his belt. Tracy Lawrence has enjoyed big time chart success with hits like "Sticks And Stones," "Alibis," "Time Marches On," "Paint Me A Birmingham," "Texas Tornado," "How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye," "I See It Now," and the list goes on and on. It's great to have a hot "young" performer come around from time to time, however personally I enjoy someone who can sing song after song after song that you'll recognize and can sing along with. For me it makes the whole concert experience just that much more fun.

We at KICK-FM are certainly excited to be a part of this event again this year and hope everyone will come out and enjoy it with us. There's nothing like a night with great live music and being able to help the Quincy Firefighters Local 63 to help others... and in the end that's really what it's all about.