It's no secret that I've been around the radio business for awhile now.

Not trying to make myself out to be "Grandpa Radio," but I've seen a few changes in the industry through the years.

When I started out, it was still vinyl, and tape. We actually had records. Now, most young folks aren't that familiar with them. That's probably a good has changed most things for the better.

When I got into this business, it was a fun job and I'm glad to report that most days, it still is.  Seems like everyone listened to the radio then. 20 years ago, I couldn't have imagined the choices we all have today.  We are still thankful to have our listeners, especially when you have so many immediate ways to get your entertainment.  Think about this, I'm writing (and hopefully you're reading) my views on a radio-station's website.  They never taught me about that, back in school.  I'm sure you have similar changes and innovations in your job as well.

As I have "matured" in this business,  I have seen changes. Especially the music - although it twists and bends and re-shapes itself, it's still about the song.  Country continues to live on.

KICK-FM has been around long enough now, (31 years) to have different generations of listeners.  We take pride in changing with the times.

Music, trends and fashions all change, but the one thing that remains constant are our listeners. You are what really drives the station.  You do business with our local advertisers. You tell us what you like (or don't like) regarding the station.  It's our job to react and better serve our sponsors and you.  The Internet, Facebook and mobile technology have made it much easier to interact.  So, stay in touch.

And please, allow me to say "Thanks" for being with us everyday.