Every now and then I get to interview someone, usually someone I didn't know already, and sometimes hit it off with a person and really enjoy doing that part of my job. Today was one of those days.

Jared Harness and Blackgrass will be performing as part of the Quincy Firefighters Local 63 country show Saturday, June 22 at the Adams County Fairgrounds. Jared stopped into the studio this morning to chat about what he and the band are up to and how excited they are to be a part of the show that features headliner Tracy Lawrence. Complete information on the show and a link to purchase tickets can be found here.

Jerad told us that he and the band have plans to head to Nashville early in 2014 and spend some time recording a new full length album. He also shared one of the new songs called "Drunk On Your Kiss" with us and even though it hadn't been "mastered" yet (a recording term) it sounded great on the air.

Jerad will also be auditioning for "The Voice" soon so hopefully Blake Shelton will take him under his wing and we'll get to enjoy seeing that on our tv's.

Thanks for coming to visit Jerad and best of luck to you and the band!