Six Flags ‘Zombiefied’ Brodie!
It's the time of the season (get it? Zombies?) and this morning, Brodie's Halloween obsession reached new heights. He became a zombie. And we got it all on video!
Horror Movies With Ties to Quincy, Hannibal and Edina
We spent a good deal of time reporting on American Revenant, a zombie movie that was shot in Hannibal over the summer. A release date has not yet been announced for American Revenant, but we're looking forward to seeing the finished product. Over the last few years, several independent filmmakers ha…
Zombie Horde Wanted For Movie Being Shot in Hannibal
If you've ever wanted to be a zombie in a movie, here's your chance. The finishing touches are being put on American Revenant, a short film being shot in Hannibal that will bring the zombie apocalypse to America's Hometown. One big scene featuring a "zombie horde" st…