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Vintage Toys Could Bring You Major Cash
I always like to scroll through Ebay every one in a while, and see what vintage toys are selling for, I know I need to find something better to do with my time. While scrolling I came across a vintage 2008 Polly Pocket toy up for bid for $10,000, made me think of all those Polly Pockets I had, man I…
Top Gun is Back For One Night Only
Many of you (myself included) where excited to find out that "Top Gun 2" was not only happening, but in production and moving forward with a 2019 release date. In order to get ready for the squeal shouldn't you re-watch the boys of summer play sand volleyball, with no shirts on. I mea…
We Will Always Be Toys R Us Kids
All good things must come to an end, but we (80's kids) will always want to be a Toys R Us Kid. Friday will be the final day of Toys R Us, and the end of era.
Elsa and Anna Coming To Quincy
No need to go to Disneyland to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen, they are making their way to Quincy and want to meet all of you this weekend. If you have little ones that are obsessed with Elsa and Anna (like my girls are), make plans to see them at Bonkers (229 N. 48th St).
The Best Places to Watch Fireworks Shows This 4th of July
The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Celebrating America, BBQ's with friends and family, swimming, and of course fireworks. There are several places with watch fireworks this year, so we asked where is the best place to watch a fireworks show?

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