You Can Now Binge Watch TV AND Get Paid For It
I have always said if there was a job that allowed me to watch TV all day and work out while doing it it would be the best. Well mt friends, Netflix thought that it was a great million dollar idea, they took my advise and now you can work for Netflix binge watching their shows.
Things To Do Instead of Watching The Super Bowl
Not everyone will be watching the Super Bowl this weekend, personally I just watch it for the commercials and halftime entertainment. If you're not watching the game this weekend, here are a few things you could do instead.
Five Reasons To Still Go To The Video Store
Sure you've got your Netflixes and Amazon Primes and Hululululululus. Sorry... I leaned on my keyboard too much.. "Hulu" is what that should be. Then your second-tier, niche streaming services like FilmStruck, ShoutFactory and ScreamBox. There are plenty of streaming options f…
Best Movie Trailers From Comic-Con
San Diego Comic Con didn't just debut TV trailers, there were some amazing first and second looks at upcoming films. Here were my favorite movie trailers that debuted over the weekend.
5 - Kingsman: The Golden Circle
The first one was a surprise hit back in February of 2015, and now they've …
Best TV Trailers From Comic-Con
What was once just an annual convention for strictly comics has, over the years, evolved into one of the biggest pop-culture events of the year, with some (mostly me) referring to it as "Nerd Christmas." A lot of trailers premiered at 2017's San Diego Comic-Con, and these were…

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