Rachel Reinert Leaves Gloriana
The future of country trio Gloriana is in doubt as singer Rachel Reinert has decided to leave the group. In a post on Twitter, Reinert thanked fans as well as Tom and Mike Gossin before revealing what’s next for her.
Darius Rucker vs. Gloriana – The Showdown
Yesterday's Showdown was shaping up to be one of the closest ever, but Darius Rucker's fans came on like a hurricane and pushed his new song 'True Believers' to round two in overwhelming fashion. That means Taylor Swift's new song 'Begin Again' goes back to the bin…
Brand New Songs From Gloriana and Darius Rucker Today
Warner Nashville
We love brand new songs.  It gives us that tingly feeling inside.  That's why we're thrilled to debut two brand new ones for you today.  Darius Rucker is back with a new single called "True Believers".  Needless to say if you like Dariu…

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