It appears that there is another unfortunate scam in area, this time posing as "Publisher's Clearing House."

My friend, went on to tell me, that they were contacted by telephone today, (7/30) from a supposed representative of Publisher's Clearing House. The person went on to tell my friend that they had won a "substantial amount of money," in this case, almost 200 thousand dollars.  My friend, was wise to this scam and enough of a realist to know that PCH only contacts major prize winners in person. The con-artist went on to ask if my friend would send them money, in exchange for the large cash prize, to be sent in a few hours.

A report was filed, with the police department. Later on, as my friend was at a local store they heard people discussing with store personnel, that they had earlier been contacted about winning a substantial cash prize, and were trying to find out more about the process of how to "wire" funds. Of course they were corrected about the true situation, but it makes you wonder, just how many people in the area were contacted and believe that they will receive their "grand prize," once their hard- earned funds have been sent to the scam-artists? These types of scams sometimes target seniors, that believe what the person on the phone is telling them.

As you might imagine, PCH also takes this type of  scam very seriously. Serious enough, that they have tips and information about possible scams on their website, that you can access here.

If you or someone you know has been contacted via phone or mail regarding winning a potential prize like this or wanting you to set up an account, cash a check or send them funds,  please contact your local police department.