A couple years ago, DOT Foods booked Montgomery Gentry for a concert exclusive for their employees. It was kind of a secret that Montgomery Gentry would be in town, but after the concert, they made a surprise appearance at the Holler and Swaller. 

Obvioulsy that was a night to remember. Major label recording artists don't just stop by just to hang out all that often (at least not around here). The Holler and Swaller was kind enough to send us a few pictures from that night, which you can see above.

Montgomery Gentry will be the headliners of this year's Concert in the Cornfield in South Jacksonville. Unlike the private party from a couple years ago, this show is no secret, and it will be open to the public!

Tickets for Concert in the Cornfield are $20 in advance. They can be purchased online, or at several businesses in Jacksonville, including:

  • South Jacksonville Village Hall
  • County Market
  • Fast Stop at South Main & Vandalia
  • Circle K at South Main & Vandalia
  • Qik n EZ
  • Safeco Donuts and Coffee Shop

Tickets purchased the day of the show will be $25 cash only. Gates will open at 6:00 p.m. and the show begins at 7:00 p.m. Parking is $5.