You never know what you'll find on Craigslist. I decided to go on a hunt for unusual listings on the Quincy Craigslist page.

Trading comic books for help moving

There's a guy in Pittsfield that is looking for help moving in to a new home. For payment, he's offering selections from his comic book collection. Give the man points for creativity. How does 10 comic books per hour stack up against the minimum wage?

Bowling on TV

According to this listing, a "major TV production company" is looking for bowling leagues to feature in a new television docuseries. Presumably this would be quite different from the standard bowling championship that airs on cable sports networks from time to time.

Free rooster

You've heard of people giving away free kittens, or free puppies, but what about a rooster? This listing from New Salem is a couple months old. Hopefully the rooster found a good home.

Random stuff for sale

Taking a look at the listings of items for sale today (9/26) reveals that the following things are all available, somewhere in the Tri-States: A bird cage, an Amish buggy, several houses, a gas grill and a llama.

And last, but not least, even more free roosters

These roosters were from New London. This listing was also a little old, so these particular birds have probably already been snatched up, but included in this listing was an awfully nice picture of the roosters.