The Quincy Fire Fighters Local 63 is now in it's 30th year of putting on an annual country show in Quincy. For most who come it's all about fun, which is how it should be, but at the heart of the entire event is much more.


Many people depend on this show. The Quincy Fire Fighters Local 63 uses the money made from ticket sales and concessions to help fund over 10 charitable organizations right here in our area. Those organizations literally count on that donation to continue to function... to serve people... to make a difference.

This fun night helps the likes of Camp Callahan, Meals On Wheels, Adams County Safe Kids Coalition, Honor Flight, The American Red Cross and The Salvation Army among others.

So when you come out to the Adams County Fairgrounds and enjoy the Tracy Lawrence show, take a moment to recognize the great work our local fire fighters do for so many... and feel good that you helped by buying your ticket.

Mark Bigelow from the Quincy Fire Fighters Local 63 was on the morning show today and explained eloquently how the proceeds from this show do so much good.