On Friday, August 10th the children who have attended the Quincy Family YMCA summer day camp program will enjoy an overnight adventure at the YMCA as a grand finale of the summer camp program. Children will play games, swim, roast hot dogs and s’mores, play flashlight tag, have a dance party, karaoke contest and more! They may even sleep, but doubtful! The events will take place from 8:00pm Friday evening until 8:00am Saturday morning.

This is just one way for the campers to celebrate the end of summer and for the YMCA to say thank you to the campers and parents who participated in the program this year. I has been a great year, children have enjoyed so many activities such as archery, swimming, horseback riding at HIS Ranch, gymnastics at Quincy Gymnastics Center, bowling at Casino Lanes and so much more! They have also been primary caregivers of the community gardens at Berrian and Washington Schools.

It is now time to register for after school care at the YMCA. Transportation is provided from the schools in the Quincy district and school out days and holiday care is also available. Financial assistance is also available!