As I get older, I am enjoying quiet more and more.  There are certainly some things in society that aren't quiet that I wish were quiet.  For example, the Kardashians need to be quiet in my opinion.  People that ride Harleys at 10 o'clock at night need to be quiet.  And, I would enjoy it if anyone who has a membership card that has the word "Occupy" in it to be quiet.

But, one thing happened over the weekend quietly...that I wish wasn't quiet.  A quiet memorial ceremony for Vietnam veterans of the Mark Twain Lake area.  The Hannibal Courier-Post reported on the ceremony:

John Hawkins of Perry, who planned the celebration, estimated the crowd at more than 1,000. The ceremony was brief, he said, because “we wanted to keep it simple. We purposely didn’t have a lot of ceremony. We had a family atmosphere, so they could get to meet other veterans.”

I appreciate John's efforts to keep the ceremony simple.  There wasn't a lot of pomp and circumstance around the ceremony for very good reasons.  But, I really do wish that many of us would have thought a little more about it...instead of being concerned with whether our basketball team was going to make the Final Four...or if we could pull off that wickedly-funny April Fools joke yesterday.

Honoring veterans is one of the rare things in society these days that I really wish weren't done quietly.  Unless of course, they're riding Harleys late at night.