I saw a great question at MSNBC.com today.  "Why Do We Let Politicians Hold Our Babies?" That made me think (the process where trouble often begins)...there are a lot of other questions that I need answers to.

Why are there FIVE different speed limit changes between Quincy and Hannibal on Highway 57?

Why is the Oakley-Lindsey Center in Quincy not the Lindsey-Oakley Center?

Why do the Hannibal JayCees spell out "JayCee" instead of just using a "J" and a "C"?

How can anyone be expected to stay under the 40mph speed limit on the Bayview Bridge?

Why do towns have central parks when the parks aren't in the central part of the town anymore?

Why do I loan the government tax money for a year, then fill out a form to ask them for it back?

Who invented liquid soap and why?

Similar question:  If there is such a thing as liquid nails, why don't we have liquid nail guns?

And perhaps the biggest question of all...why are you still reading my questions when there are obviously about fifty more important things you could be doing with your life right now?  :)