I'm not certain how familiar you are with Arbor Day. To be honest, I didn't know all that much about it.

Oh sure, I remember back in grade school, when we were given a tree to take home and plant. My father would help me dig a hole out in the yard and plant the tree, which usually didn't make it. That was probably because I didn't hold up my end of the deal, by not making sure the tree was watered enough.

Although Arbor Day is this Friday, the City of Quincy will observe the event this Saturday.

Officials will gather at the Quincy Public Library at 526 Jersey at 10:30 am.  There will be a tree planting ceremony with Mayor John Spring, Quincy's tree commissioners and city employees participating.

This marks the 27th year that Quincy has been involved with Arbor Day activities. Quincy is also nationally recognized with many other local communities as a "Tree City, USA."  I'm glad to live in an area that does a good job in taking care of their natural resources.

Just be thankful that I'm not in charge of remembering to water the new tree.