Paczki Day is March 4 (or Fat Tuesday). Last year I wrote a blog about Paczki Day, and how I had such a hard time finding Paczkis (pronounced POONCH-key) in this area. This year, they are closer than I had imagined. The County Market at 24th and Spring in Quincy has Paczkis!

Michael Rose

The Polish tradition of Paczki Day stems from the need to use up all of the lard, fruit, sugar, and eggs in your house before Lent. Since Chicago has the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw, you know there are plenty of places there to pick up Paczkis. Chicago Now has a nice article about that.

Since I am not able to run home just to pick up Paczkis, I am going to enjoy the ones I picked up at County Market. Better get yours before I gobble them all up! They go great with a cup of coffee.